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Preparations are underway!

Hi All!

We have a new blog site! I hope you like it!

We are starting to plan for our next cruising season. The weather here in Virginia is starting to cool down so that means it’s time to start heading South to the Bahamas!

We left INTERLUDE in St. Augustine this year. It’s been strange not having her at the dock a few blocks away from home. We go down to see her on occasion (about a 11 hour trip.) Dennis and Bettye/MISS BETTYE have been checking on her every couple of weeks and all seems to be going well. This is her first time away from home and it has been a challenge not to worry about her. Luckily, so far, hurricane season has been slow. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Come visit our blog when you can. We will always keep a light on for you!

Cathie the CLOD (Cruiser Living On Dirt). OUT.