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Need to get moving! It’s getting cold!


We had to say good-bye for a short while to Kathy and Fred/MAKAI. We first met them in the Abacos in 2007 and have been great friends since. We had the opportunity to have them as a neighbor for most of the summer and it seemed way to soon to say good-bye. Time really flies.

They are heading south and hope to be in Brunswick, GA by Sunday. We will be heading to Florida by car next week. Hopefully we will catch up soon.

Thanks for the going away dinner Kathy! It was delicious!

Cathie the CLOD. OUT.

It must be time to head south! The boat cards are printed!

Hi All!

Boaters have boat cards that show a picture of their boat and information about her crew.  We hand them out whenever we meet new friends who we would like to keep in touch with.  I usually make a new one each year since some information usually changes.  This year we have this new blog site to add.  When the card is finished it is usually the last week before we head south.  It now feels official that the new season has started!  I am starting to get excited!

Now the lists start.  What needs to be done to leave. What to take.  What provisions do we need.  What boat projects need to be done.  What needs to be ordered online.  What registrations, licenses, memberships, etc. need to be renewed or procured.

One of our main projects when we get down to the boat is to go up the mast and get the radar fixed.  Since Tom and I are both not happy with heights we are hoping to find someone who will be willing to climb the mast for us.  If not, Tom is the go to guy!

INTERLUDE needs to be washed, waxed and bottom painted before we can drop her back in the water.  Hopefully in 3-4 days we can be at the dock to do the other chores.  It seems strange not to have her by the house to do these projects a little at a time.  Here’s hoping we have good weather to do those “on the hard” chores.

The pressure is on! Some of our buds are already in Florida or on their way. Our date to head to Florida is now October 31, if all goes well.  Luckily by car we can do it in one day instead of three weeks. The clock is ticking!  Wish us luck!

Cathie the CLOD (Cruiser Living on Dirt) OUT.

St. Augustine for repairs and play time

Hi All!

We drove down to St. Augustine to do a few repairs on INTERLUDE (11 hours) and to visit with our buds Dennis and Bettye/MISS BETTYE. We stayed a few extra days and Tom got some major work accomplished (I had a stressful time playing with Bettye!) Dennis has been checking on INTERLUDE every couple of weeks. It certainly makes it easier for us knowing there is someone knowledgeable looking in on her. Thanks so much Dennis! It also is wonderful to have a place to stay and visit when we make our trips down for repairs. I think we have passed the “being company” stage in our friendship! Our last day was Bettye’s Birthday and we had a lovely dinner at a local steak house. Yum! Happy Birthday Bettye!

Dennis and Birthday Gal Bettye, Cathie and Tom Sept 12, 2013

Dennis and Birthday Gal Bettye, Cathie and Tom

St. Augustine Marine Center - INTERLUDE getting a new water heater, bath and miscellaneous repairs

St. Augustine Marine Center – INTERLUDE getting a new water heater, bath and miscellaneous repairs

We decided to break up the way home by stopping in Myrtle Beach for the night. The hotel was nice, the beach was beautiful BUT the loud singing on the beach until 3:30 am was a little much since we had to get up early and drive the last leg home. I think I am showing my age here! ha!

Myrtle Beach, SC - Breakers North Hotel.  Stop for R&R and a walk on the beach.

Myrtle Beach, SC – Breakers North Hotel. Stop for R&R and a walk on the beach.

We are home now…moving a little slow today!

Our boat buds Fred and Kathy/MAKAI left York River Yacht Haven, Gloucester Point, VA today (near our house.) They are heading to DC for a few days and then on to get their boat hauled out for repairs. We will catch up with them at the Annapolis Boat Show in October. Hopefully we will be able to hang out with them for a while in the Bahamas when they catch up with us. It’s always great to see them. We first met them in the Abacos in early 2007.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well with you and yours!

Cathie the CLOD (Cruiser Living on Dirt) OUT.

Preparations are underway!

Hi All!

We have a new blog site! I hope you like it!

We are starting to plan for our next cruising season. The weather here in Virginia is starting to cool down so that means it’s time to start heading South to the Bahamas!

We left INTERLUDE in St. Augustine this year. It’s been strange not having her at the dock a few blocks away from home. We go down to see her on occasion (about a 11 hour trip.) Dennis and Bettye/MISS BETTYE have been checking on her every couple of weeks and all seems to be going well. This is her first time away from home and it has been a challenge not to worry about her. Luckily, so far, hurricane season has been slow. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Come visit our blog when you can. We will always keep a light on for you!

Cathie the CLOD (Cruiser Living On Dirt). OUT.