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Cruising on a sailboat

Vero and southward

Vero Beach Free Shuttle Bus - All Aboard!

Vero Beach Free Shuttle Bus – All Aboard!

12/16/14 Days 4 through 8 – Vero Beach, FL – Weather was mostly cool and cold at night.  Need to head further south!

We had a great time in Vero!  Certainly got lots of projects completed.

Avalon State Park

Avalon State Park

Love watch the birds on Vero Beach.  You need to watch out.  They swoop down and steal whatever you are eating.  Very smart!

Love watch the birds on Vero Beach. You need to watch out. They swoop down and steal whatever you are eating. Very smart!

Christmas decorations in Vero.  They hang ornaments from the Spanish moss.

Christmas decorations in Vero. They hang ornaments from the Spanish moss.


Always fun to catch up with friends.  We had a chance to have dinner with Linda and Hutch/SANDCASTLE.  They are enjoying their new Vero home but still miss being on their boat.  Lots of new stories and adventures to share.

We drove back to Satellite Beach to catch up with Fred and Kathy/MAKAI for dinner.   I made it to Double’s after all!

Grant and Donna/MOXLEY the sailboat now going to be PRIMA DONNA the powerboat and Greg and Daisy (Donna’s sister and brother-in-law) were fun at lunch at Panera Bread.  They are always on the go with new destinations in mind.

We are now on our way from Vero to Hobe Sound, then Lantana and on to Fort Lauderdale.

Hope all is well with you and yours!  Keep in touch!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE.  Out!



Today we will be in Vero Beach.

Day One -12/9/14 St. Augustine to New Symrna City Marina – 60/44 – 67 mi – NW 15 – 7:30 am/4:30 pm – Marina $1.25 foot.

Hi All!

It’s nice to be underway again!  We have a few long days but when we get to Vero Beach we will stop for a few days and regroup.

Never know what you will see on the waterway

We like New Symrna City Marina.  It is neat and clean and Pam the dockmaster is very nice.

There are shops and restaurants along canal street that are walking distance.  We enjoy eating at Jason’s Corner but found the prices are now more expensive than previously.

New Symrna City Marina

Pelican Island - New Symrna

Pelican Island – New Symrna

Day 2 – 12/10/14 New Symrna to Dragon Point, Satellite Beach.  62/43 – 68 mi – NW 15 – 7:30 am/5:00 pm

We enjoy anchoring at Dragon Point.  We go through Mathers Bridge and anchor on the other side of the bridge.  We usually go to a great little restaurant called Doubles.  The food is great and the prices are very reasonable.  Last night we were so tired that we ate in, watched some TV and went to bed.

Mathers Bridge, Dragon Point, Satellite Beach

Mathers Bridge, Dragon Point, Satellite Beach

Yesterday I received very bad news that my young nephew Brian Cady passed away suddenly.  Brian was always smiling and loved to be with family.  He was a very kind and gentle soul.  We had so many wonderful summer and Christmas vacations together.  My late husband Woody and Brian’s father Frank were brothers.  Brian and Woody formed the Little Brothers’ Club.  The Little Brothers always had a special time competing together against Frank and Kevin.  Of course, it was even better winning the fishing contest every summer!  Brian I love you and I am going to miss you.  It gives me comfort knowing your Dad and Woody are there to give you big hugs.  Don’t let them get you into too much mischief!

Day 3 – 12/11/14 Satellite Beach to Vero Beach – 63/47 – 42 mi – W 7/10 – 8:45 am/ 2pm – Mooring Ball $11.00 a day.

We always enjoy Vero Beach.  It is also nicknamed Velcro Beach because everyone stops for a day or two and ends up staying much longer. lol

Pirate ship on the ICW

Pirate ship on the ICW

We need fuel, water and a pump out.  Also need to pick up mail, etc.  Vero has a free shuttle bus that goes to the beach, parks, shopping, etc.  They also have showers, laundry and a captain’s lounge.  It’s always a fun place to stop.  During this time of the year with so many cruisers it’s not unusual to be rafted up two or three on a mooring ball.  At first I thought that would be uncomfortable but found out that most times everyone is very nice and you make new friends.  Last year we moored with Bert and Pru on Exuberant who we have known for many years.  We had a great time!  We both thought we would be there for about 5 days.  We ended up staying 13!

We are looking forward to catching up with boating friends who now live in Vero.  It’s always fun especially during the holiday season!

It is sunny this morning and feels much more like Florida!


12_09_14 We are underway. Bahamas here we come!

Hi All!

We are underway!  Bahamas here we come!


Underway St. Augustine to New Smyrna Beach


Captain Tom.  This is where he is the happiest!

Captain Tom. This is where he is the happiest!

We left INTERLUDE at the St. Augustine Marina Center, St. Augustine, FL for the summer. When we got back she was in great condition thanks to our dehumidifier, etc. We came down for the season December 1, 2014 and started getting her ready to head to the Bahamas again this year.

We did have a few surprises! One was a resident gecko who we caught and evicted from the boat! The other was some cockroaches that decided to live in the bilge in a box with spare parts. This was the first time in 9 years that we have had critters on the boat. It is also only the second time we had INTERLUDE on the hard. Lesson: We need to make sure we plug up the boat better next season.

Speaking of next season…we are thinking of selling INTERLUDE when we get back in May. There may be a power boat in my future. Not sure how I think about that one but we will see how it goes.

While we were on the hard in St. Aug, we stayed with buds Dennis and Bettye/MISS BETTYE. As always, they were very gracious and couldn’t do enough for us. They are awesome. We are very blessed to have such great buds.

The weather the past week has been overcast, windy and cool. We had one-half day of sunshine. So much for being in the sunshine state! Lol I am sure it will get better when we leave.

Bettye made us new pillows for the boat! They are very pretty! They are in my favorite colors! Amazing that she would do that and get her Christmas decorating done too! Thanks so much Bettye!

My Christmas decorations consist of four battery-powered candles for the windows, a Christmas stocking and a snowman center piece. We may get the battery-powered outside lights on when we get to Vero Beach.

Christmas Mouse Stocking and new salon cushions from Bettye and Dennis

Christmas Mouse Stocking and new salon cushions from Bettye and Dennis

Last minute repairs…Done.  Storing items from home…Done.  Provisioning…Done.  Let the fun begin!

We have been on the boat for two days. It’s always amazing how fast we transition from landlubbers to cruisers. I guess that’s part of the fun…changing up where and how we live.

The sun is finally out today!  Yay!  We are traveling down the ICW with four other boats nearby.

I hope you will keep in touch and travel with us via our blog. We will always keep a light on for you! Hope all is well with you and yours. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.





Back in cool Virginia!

Back in cool Virginia!

We are back home safe and sound. Tom is already fighting with the landscaping. I am trying to find a place for the carload of boat stuff. Great to see the kids and family. Had a nice BBQ with the kids last night. Enjoying the porch with the pretty flowers.

I will update the Bahamas part of the blog soon…I hope!

Hope all is well with you and yours! Thanks for stopping by!

Cathie the CLOD (cruiser living on dirt). OUT.

Turquoise Cay Dinghy Day

Hi All!

One day we all decided to take our dinghies from George Town to Turquoise Cay on Great Exuma (about an 8 mile dinghy trip one way.)

We had three dinghies – Frank and Patti/DREAM WEAVER, Fran, Floyd, Val and puppy Bailey/PRIOR TIES and the crew of INTERLUDE.

We stopped at a beach for a picnic lunch and then went to Turquoise Cay (formerly the Bone Fish Lodge/Peace and Plenty) for Pina Coladas.  It is a very pretty resort and we made it just in time before a rain shower!

A good time was had by all!


Frank and Patti/DREAM WEAVER


The Bridge To No Where – Crab Cay Bridge – Can you believe this gorgeous bridge in the middle of no where! The development never happened!


Frank, Patti, Cathie, Tom Fran, Floyd, Val and Bailey


Yummy drinks on porch of Turquoise Cay Resort.


Funny signs at Turquoise Cay deck.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope all is well with you and yours!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE.  OUT.




















Long Island, Bahamas

Hi All!

Our trip south would not be complete without a visit to Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas.  It is a lovely island with very friendly people. It’s always fun to visit Jackie and Mike who own the Long Island Breeze.  They are very cruiser friendly and bend over backwards to make our stay fun and easy.  Their resort has a pool, a casual deck with a restaurant upstairs.  They host the Long Island Rally which goes from George Town to Long Island the week after the Cruiser’s Regatta.  They always make it fun. During the Rally the Long Island Breeze served a steak dinner that was amazing along with fish for those who like something more island style.  We always enjoy their lunch and dinners (non-Rally) and it’s a must see if you are in Long Island.

We also enjoy anchoring at Miller’s Bay and going to Chez Pierre for dinner.  Pierre is from Montreal.  He serves pasta dishes with French styles sauces that are amazing.  His salads are very good.  He also serves many other meat dishes and seafood dishes.  He has a little restaurant with some cottages he rents out.  The feel is very casual but stylish.  It’s always a treat to add Chez Pierre to our Long Island list to do. We love Joe Sound and Calabash Bay (Cape Santa Maria Resort..their lobster salad it very good!) and Stella Maris Resort.  We didn’t make it up to north Long Island this time but we hope to make it a priority next year.  Hopefully we can stay a couple of weeks instead of a couple of days.  So much to see and so little time this year!

We also like to make a side trip to Conception Island that is north of Long Island.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t agreeable to go there this year.  It is an uninhabited island that is beautiful and has an inland river where you can take your dinghy and see all types of interesting creatures including the neighborhood sea turtles.


MIRADOR/George and Sarah, EXHUBERANT/Bert and Pru, PRETTY PENNY/Bob and Penny and the crew of INTERLUDE at Chez Pierre, Miller’s Bay, Long Island, Bahamas



Beautiful sunset LONG ISLAND BREEZE RESORT, Thompson Bay, Long Island, Bahamas

Hope all is well with you and yours!  Thanks for stopping by!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE.  OUT.









Incredible Warderick Wells – Exuma Land and Sea Park

Hi All!

You can’t go to the Exumas without going to the incredible and fabulous Exuma Land and Sea Park.  It’s main office is located in Warderick Wells but it is comprised of many uninhabited islands that are great for snorkeling, hiking and just enjoying the natural beauty of the Exumas.

Exuma park is a “no take zone.”  This means you can look but not take.  You cannot fish, conch, shell, lobster or any other activity that will damage the ecology of the area.

The cell phone service and internet is very bad at Warderick Wells.  So when Tom needs to make a call or see the weather on the net he has to climb Boo Boo Hill and stand in just the right spot to “get connected.”  Makes you consider if you really need to see that email! lol

We love Exuma Park.  This is a very special treat!


Harry/SIRIUS finds a beautiful conch shell.


Beautiful Warderick Wells sunset!


Watch out! Storm coming!


Baby sting ray.


Tom and Harry/SIRIUS trying to “get connected” on their cell phones


Dave and Sue/SANS CLAES, Tom, Harry and Fran/SIRIUS – Hiking up Boo Boo Hill.


Warderick Wells north anchorage – taken from park office. Stay in the dark blue water or you will run aground!


Tom’s first swim of the season – Warderick Wells


Bahamas – Shades of Blue

Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Thanks for stopping by!

Cathie on s/V INTERLUDE.  OUT.