Bimini to Chub Cay. Calm seas and endless water.

Bimini to Chub

Hi All!

We had a very nice stay in Bimini. I love Bimini’s water. It has so many colors…indigo blue, royal blue, periwinkle blue, turquoise, aqua, and green. My favorite is the periwinkle blue that you see midway coming into the harbor. It is spectacular!

We are staying in Bimini at Bimini Sands with SEAS THE DAY/Mark and Jan. When coming into the Bahamas you have to check in, fill out the paperwork and pay a $300 cruising permit fee. If you have a animal with you, you have more hoops to jump through. We both had issues with our Bahamas cell phones, as usual. We went to the Batelco office and with lots of patience got our issues resolved. Unfortunately we had to get a new sim card for the main phone which means a different phone number but we can handle that. It’s the islands mon!

At the tip of South Bimini they have a very nice restaurant and beach bar. The shuttle bus takes you there and brings you back to the dock. The beach bar is great for casual food and the main restaurant is very good and even has a sushi bar.

We left Bimini at 5:30 am and got into Chub at 6:30 pm. It was very calm on the banks. It was one of those days that at times you can’t see a difference between the water and the sky. It’s very beautiful. My all-time favorite thing I look forward to when we get on the Bahama Banks is seeing my first starfish. That’s when I know I have made it to the islands. We also had dolphin around the boat for a few minutes which is unusual on the banks. It’s always a treat to see them and watch them play!

Chub Cay has been in receivership for quite a while. This year it looks like they have fixed the club house and made some major repairs. I hope they find someone who will take care of the island. It is very beautiful and with some capital they could make it very special. They have beautiful little houses on the island and it is next to some of the best fishing grounds in the world.

When you come off the banks which are about 13 feet, you drop off to about 3,000 feet almost instantly. This drop off is great for fishing. You see some amazing fishing boats prowling this area.

Three are not many cruising boats with us this year. At the Chub Cay anchorage there was only one power cat and our boats. I guess we must be between the two groups…those who come over before the holidays and the group that will come over after New Year’s Day. So glad to have Jan and Mark cruising with us!

Here are a few pictures of our travels from Bimini to Chub. Hope you enjoy them.


SEAS THE DAY on the banks. What is water and what is sky?










So clear you can see the bottom!









Calm day. Pretty Clouds.




SEAS THE DAY coming in at sunset at Chub Cay









Sunrise Bimini to Chub.


Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE. OUT.



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