Today we will be in Vero Beach.

Day One -12/9/14 St. Augustine to New Symrna City Marina – 60/44 – 67 mi – NW 15 – 7:30 am/4:30 pm – Marina $1.25 foot.

Hi All!

It’s nice to be underway again!  We have a few long days but when we get to Vero Beach we will stop for a few days and regroup.

Never know what you will see on the waterway

We like New Symrna City Marina.  It is neat and clean and Pam the dockmaster is very nice.

There are shops and restaurants along canal street that are walking distance.  We enjoy eating at Jason’s Corner but found the prices are now more expensive than previously.

New Symrna City Marina

Pelican Island - New Symrna

Pelican Island – New Symrna

Day 2 – 12/10/14 New Symrna to Dragon Point, Satellite Beach.  62/43 – 68 mi – NW 15 – 7:30 am/5:00 pm

We enjoy anchoring at Dragon Point.  We go through Mathers Bridge and anchor on the other side of the bridge.  We usually go to a great little restaurant called Doubles.  The food is great and the prices are very reasonable.  Last night we were so tired that we ate in, watched some TV and went to bed.

Mathers Bridge, Dragon Point, Satellite Beach

Mathers Bridge, Dragon Point, Satellite Beach

Yesterday I received very bad news that my young nephew Brian Cady passed away suddenly.  Brian was always smiling and loved to be with family.  He was a very kind and gentle soul.  We had so many wonderful summer and Christmas vacations together.  My late husband Woody and Brian’s father Frank were brothers.  Brian and Woody formed the Little Brothers’ Club.  The Little Brothers always had a special time competing together against Frank and Kevin.  Of course, it was even better winning the fishing contest every summer!  Brian I love you and I am going to miss you.  It gives me comfort knowing your Dad and Woody are there to give you big hugs.  Don’t let them get you into too much mischief!

Day 3 – 12/11/14 Satellite Beach to Vero Beach – 63/47 – 42 mi – W 7/10 – 8:45 am/ 2pm – Mooring Ball $11.00 a day.

We always enjoy Vero Beach.  It is also nicknamed Velcro Beach because everyone stops for a day or two and ends up staying much longer. lol

Pirate ship on the ICW

Pirate ship on the ICW

We need fuel, water and a pump out.  Also need to pick up mail, etc.  Vero has a free shuttle bus that goes to the beach, parks, shopping, etc.  They also have showers, laundry and a captain’s lounge.  It’s always a fun place to stop.  During this time of the year with so many cruisers it’s not unusual to be rafted up two or three on a mooring ball.  At first I thought that would be uncomfortable but found out that most times everyone is very nice and you make new friends.  Last year we moored with Bert and Pru on Exuberant who we have known for many years.  We had a great time!  We both thought we would be there for about 5 days.  We ended up staying 13!

We are looking forward to catching up with boating friends who now live in Vero.  It’s always fun especially during the holiday season!

It is sunny this morning and feels much more like Florida!


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