Vero Beach here we come!

November 20, 2013

Hi All!

We are still here in St. Augustine.  So much to do and so little time!

We have had many boat projects completed including fuel injectors and a heat exchanger.  Luckily for us, Al of Al’s Mobile Marine Service was able to fit us in and pull some strings to get things done sooner than scheduled.  If all goes well we will be heading to New Symrna tomorrow, Banana River/Satellite Beach the following day and then on to Vero Beach were we will stay until after Thanksgiving.

November 9, 2013

While GLORY DAYS and HERITAGE were in down we got a chance to share a Happy Hour and one night we all went out to Harry’s for dinner to celebrate George’s birthday.  Happy Birthday George!  It was a beautiful night and we had great table in the corner with plants, tiki torches and lights.  It was very pretty and the food was delicious!  To top it off we went back to HERITAGE and had a piece of Jackie’s homemade carrot cake. Yum!

Laurie, Dan, George, Jackie, Cathie and Tom at Harry's St. Augustine.

Laurie, Dan, George, Jackie, Cathie and Tom at Harry’s St. Augustine.

Happy Birthday, George!

Happy Birthday, George!

Novmber 10, 2013

The cruising life is such a unique culture.  It’s like in the good ole’ days when everyone helped each other and relied on each other in case of emergencies, etc.  For example, I wrote on my blog how we needed to go up the mast but Tom and I are not comfortable doing that.  Dan saw the blog and said he would be happy to go up the mast for us.  How thankful we are for his help.  With the help of Tom and George he scooted up the mast and brought down our mast light that isn’t working and needs to be replaced.  Just taking these pictures gives me a nose bleed! lol!

Dan/GLORY DAYS up INTERLUDE'S mast in St. Augustine.

Dan/GLORY DAYS up INTERLUDE’S mast in St. Augustine.

Just a note to say that I am going to miss my childhood and high school buddy Linda Low Headley who died suddenly on November 3.  The world is a little less bright without you in it.  Will miss you Linda!

November 11, 2013

Also want to say happy Veteran’s Day to all those who are serving or have served in our military.  There are no words that express how grateful I am that because of your vigilance, dedication and sometimes your ultimate sacrifice we are able to enjoy the freedoms that we take sometimes for granted.  Thank you so much!

Cathie on s/v INTERLUDE.  OUT.

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