Underway again! Reflections on St. Augustine.

Hi All!

We completed all our repairs and are underway again today.  We left St. Augustine on Wednesday and made it to New Symrna Beach.  Thursday was Satellite Beach.  Today we are heading to Vero Beach (or Velco Beach since most cruisers have a difficult time leaving after getting there because everything is so convenient.  Shopping and the beach are within walking distance, there is free public transportation, and the mooring balls are reasonable.
We have enjoyed being with our buddies Dennis and Bettye/MISS BETTYE and Bob and Penny/PRETTY PENNY.  Had great times playing poker, eating dinners, going shopping and having fun!
We got a surprise on Tuesday night when we heard that Corbett and Robin/COOKIE MONSTER were coming to visit Rick, Katie and Hoku on MAKANA.  We ended up with a group of us that went to Pizzalley’s (not the Pizza Alley that’s also in St. Augustine) where they have two for one drinks and a free piece of pizza for Happy Hour.  Of course, we all ended up staying for dinner.  It was great and I would go back again.
MAKANA, COOKIE MONSTER, Denns/MISS BETTYE, and others at Pizzalley's

MAKANA, COOKIE MONSTER, Denns/MISS BETTYE, and others at Pizzalley’s

Last Night Party Pizzalley Cathie

 We have two friends with engine repairs.  COOKIE MONSTER is getting a whole new engine and PRETTY PENNY is having various work done.  Hopefully we will catch up with them in the Bahamas.
We walked around town the other day and saw some strange Christmas decorations!
Santa Flamingo

Happy FlamingosSanta Flamingo and friends 

Our marina is next to Homeland Security.  They have this boat that they tow out to the ocean as target practice these poor dummies and engine took a beating!
Target Dummies

Target Dummies

Hope all is well with you and yours!  Thanks for stopping by
Cathie s/v INTERLUDE.  OUT.

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