Splish Splash!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hi all!

Today is a BIG day!  INTERLUDE is back in the water!  Now we can have showers and flush toilets once again!  Yay!  We were very lucky to have Dennis and Bettye here in St Augustine who let us hang out with them for a few days.  We only had two nights “on the hard.”  It was very windy the past few nights.  It sounded like a hurricane!  All the wind whistling through the masts and all the halyards slapping on the masts.  Did I say I am VERY happy to be back in the water! lol



Not all sailboat are equal!  This one was so big that they had to hire a crane for $10,000 to pull her out.  The story is that this boat was purchased in Jamaica nine years ago and was NEVER used.  All the cushions are still in their wrappers and there is not a scratch on her.  She had to have some engine repair work done on her since she was never taken away from the dock while in Jamaica and then she was sailed here where she has issues that need to be attended to.  Glad that our haul out was a tad cheaper than $10K!

Big boys need cranes to be hauled out!

Big boys need cranes to be hauled out!

Tom has been working very hard to wax the boat and paint the bottom so that we can be back in the water.  We have had intermittent rain that hasn’t helped the process but it is finished and Tom can crank back a notch or two.

We were very pleased with our decision to keep INTERLUDE at the St. Augustine Maritime Center.  Everyone who works here has been terrific and very accommodating.  This is not a luxury marina.  It is a boatyard and if having a safe place for your boat and people who can fix it, this is the place to stay.  We were very sad to hear that they decided that they are not going to let boaters paint the bottoms of their boats any more here.  It seems someone sanded their boat in the wind and caused many boats to have big time issues with the paint and grit that was blown on them.  Luckily for us they let us paint our boat bottom for this year since it didn’t need to be sanded.  Next year we will have to add that cost to our budget.  I am not that unhappy about the new rule.  It will be one less thing for Tom to do when we come down to start the season.  We are not getting any younger and it’s fine to have someone else do it when we can afford it. It’s a lot of hard work especially when it needs to be done in just a few days!

INTERLUDE in the water.  Yay!

INTERLUDE in the water. Yay!

INTERLUDE is lookin' good!

INTERLUDE is lookin’ good

Monday, November 4, 2013

It has been a busy time for us but it has been fun catching up with other cruisers here in St. Augustine.  Glory Days, Heritage and Southerly II are here.  We hope see them before they head south.  We had the opportunity to have dinner with Fred and Karen on Southerly yesterday at the A1A Grill before they headed south today.  Things are going well for them and they are definitely going back to the Bahamas this year.

Gotta run for now!  Hope all is well with you and yours!  Thanks for stopping by!

Cathie (NOT the CLOD) on s/v INTERLUDE.  OUT.

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